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Our complete current fees guide is on display in the reception area. Download Price List (PDF)
Doctor Consultation Fee may varies between clinics.

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For first time consultation, patients are required to pay our registration bundle.

However, subsequent consultations within the same month are not billed.

Only the first consultation of every month is billable.

Our registration covers all the tests our specialists need to treat you effectively and comes at a discounted price in comparison to if the tests are billed separately.

Patients registered with HMO’s will have their bills sent for approval before receiving treatment or given glasses. Depending on whether your HMO covers your entire bill, patients may need to pay a balance to cover their services.

Some HMO’s don’t cover certain drugs & procedures. In these cases, patients will have to cover those costs. Companies are welcome to cover costs for their employees.

Patients are welcome to reschedule surgeries, operations and investigations. However it is always recommended to receive your treatment as soon as you are available to.

Periodic examination, early detection and timely treatment can help prevent blindness due to glaucoma, a condition most often caused by increased pressure in the eye that can damage the optic nerve. Many treatments (e.g., eyedrops, laser and surgical procedures, and others) are available for glaucoma that are very effective in controlling the disease.

Surgery to remove the cataract is the only treatment available. Surgical removal is considered only when the cataract begins to interfere with a person’s daily activities-driving, reading, watching TV and recognizing faces.