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    Registration Bundle (First Visit) - Ophthamologist₦15,000

    Registration Bundle (First Visit) - Optometrist₦8,000

    Consultation - Ophthamologist (Lasts till 1st of following month)₦6,000

    Consultation - Optometrist (Lasts till 1st following month)₦4,000

    Medical Report₦3,000

    Prescription for Glasses₦5,000

    Artificial Eye (Prosthesis) (Per Eye)₦20,000

    Liquid Lens Cleaner (BIG/SMALL)₦2,500/₦2,000


    Fundus Photograph (Both Eyes)₦10,000

    Auto Refraction₦1,500

    Tonometry (Eye Pressure)₦2,000

    Central Visual Field₦5,000

    Biometry (Per Eye)₦7,500

    Indirect Ophthalmoscopy₦7,000

    B - Scan (Per Eye)₦10,000

    H.I.V Screening₦1,500

    Fasting Blood Sugar₦1,000

    Optical Coherence Tonogram (OCT) (Both Eyes)₦50,000

Minor Operation Procedures


    Foreign Body Removal₦20,000

    Retro Bulbar Alcholol Injection₦35,000

    Removal of Sutures₦10,000


    Catarct Surgery (MCIS + PC + IOL) (Per Eye)₦175,000

    Pterygium Excision₦50,000

    Pterygium Excision with Autologus Conjunctival Grafts₦75,000

    Trabeculectomy Surgery (Per Eye)₦150,000

    Hyphaema Washout (Per Eye)₦125,000

    Squint Correction Surgery₦180,000

    Ptosis Surgery₦250,000

    Socket Deepening₦150,000

    Lid Rotation Surgery₦160,000

    Optical Iridectomy₦100,000