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Making a conscious effort to keep our eyes as healthy as possible should be one of our top priorities. On that note, here are a few quick and easy tips to keep our eyes in top shape:


  1. Daily exercise routine: When we exercise, our body makes use of excess glucose. This helps stabilize blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of getting diabetes related eye diseases.


  1. Use of PPE: Eye protective gear like protective goggles, spectacles and face shields are worn to protect our eyes from injuries. While on the field or carrying out tasks with a high risk of depositing debris in our eyes, eye shields are important. Depending on the nature of one’s work, he/she may be required to wear PPE, personal protective equipment.


  1. Wearing Sunglasses: UVA rays can be detrimental to your macula and UVB rays to your cornea. Wearing sunglasses keeps the amount of these rays going into your eyes at the barest minimum. Note that you are better off not wearing shades than wearing ones that don’t protect your eyes from these rays. This is because your pupils would become wider, increasing the amount of harmful solar radiation you are exposed to. And yes, you CAN get prescribed sunglasses from Ladkem Eye Hospital.


  1. Reduce Eye Rubbing: Sometimes, lightly rubbing our eyes feels pleasurable but when it becomes frequent and aggressive, it may eventually lead to eye issues. For example, chronic eye rubbing can lead to weakening of the cornea.  In some cases, it may also lead to keratoconus, where your cornea bulges outward into a cone shape causing blurred vision and sensitivity to light.


  1. Staying Hydrated: Dehydration which is basically a situation where something is dry can in turn cause dry eyes. This causes the eyes to appear sunken or hollow. This is because the skin underneath the eyes is already thin. Tissues may become less plump when they are dehydrated making it a bit easy to tell if one is dehydrated by examining the eyes.


We are all about ensuring your eyes remain as healthy as possible so stay tuned for the next blog update

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